Grid and Ruter in Aftenposten

- - 03. juli 2012

Aftenposten, Norway’s biggest newspaper, writes on July 3. 2012 about how a growing number of public companies are focusing on service design when developing new consumer products and services. Ruter, the public transport operator in Oslo, is at the forefront of integrating service design when developing new systems, and Grid has been an instrumental part in this.

Grid has developed an overall design for Ruter, with focus on increasing user-friendliness and creating systems that are intuitive for the customer.

Says industrial designer Morten Kleppan at Grid “Everything we design for Ruter focuses on the needs of the people that will deliver or use the service. Everything from maps, schedules, information boards, signage, to layout and interior design of customer service centres is thoroughly planned and developed with specific user experiences and overall design strategy in mind.